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IRCommand2 - Features

Supported IR Hardware

An IR (infrared) interface "dongle" is required to control devices that respond to an infrared remote. If you do not yet own a supported IR dongle then the one you choose will depend to some extent on your intended usage.

The following table lists IR interface dongle hardware supported by IRCommand2:


Signal TrainingListen TriggersTransmit Range Universal CodesIR Band DetectionUsable Band Range IR Emitter JackZone SupportSizePower SupplyInterface
Global Cache iTachYesNo GoodNoNo15 - 500kHzYes Yes, 3 zones1.2h 3.2w 2.4dPower pack Ethernet / Wi-Fi
IguanaWorks IRYesNo FairNoNo20 - 100kHzYes Yes.4h .8w 1.8dfrom PCUSB
Actisys IR200LYesYes FairNoNo32 - 250kHzNoNo .6h 1.4w 2.4dfrom PCSerial
My.TV MyBlasterYesNo GoodYesYes32 - 100kHzNo No3.5h 2w 3.4dPower packSerial or USB
Home-Electro Tira2YesNo GoodNoYes32 - 80kHzYes No.7h 2.4w 2dfrom PCUSB
USB-UIRTYesYesGood NoYes20 - 60kHzYesYes, 3 zones .7h 1.4w 1.5dfrom PCUSB
ADS IR BlasterYesNo GoodNoYes20 - 60kHzYes No1h 3.5w 4.3dfrom PCUSB
Firefly RF RemoteYesYes N/AN/AN/AN/A (RF)N/AYes (unit codes)1.1h 2.2w 3dfrom PCUSB

Some places to purchase supported IR hardware:

USB-UIRT -- manufacturer of the USB-UIRT dongle
Actisys -- manufacturer of the IR200L
IguanaWorks -- makes and sells the IguanaWorks IR Transceiver
Global Cache -- makes and sells the iTach

Supported X10 Hardware

And X10 interface "dongle" is required to control lights and appliances through the power lines in your home. Each light or appliance to be controlled also requires a slave module that responds to X10 powerline commands. X10 components are inexpensive.

The following table lists X10 interface dongle hardware supported by IRCommand2:

Feature >>
Signaling MethodsListen TriggersCross-Device TrainingInterface
X10 CM11A / HD11APowerlineYes YesSerial
X10 CM15APowerline and RFYes YesUSB
Insteon 2414U**Powerline (X10 mode only) NoYesUSB

** Support for this dongle can no longer be verified. Using it is not recommended.

Some places to purchase supported X10 hardware:

X10.com -- CM11A and CM15A
Smarthome.com -- Insteon 2414U
X10 devices can also be found on Amazon and eBay